PD*Poll: Would you be friends with your parents?

Sure, you may be friends with your parents. You may also SAY to people that you are friends with your parents. But, really, when you think about who your mom and dad are (granted they are still with us), as people and not as your parents, do you thi...

The mommy club

Being a mommy is great. I don't think there's much of a secret there, despite the late hours and feeling like you and your spouse will never eat dinner at the same time again. Mommyhood can put a woman on a totally different level of existence, to h...

Teen robs bank to pay for college

For many, finding the money to go to college is a difficult task. Christy has availed herself of legal every opportunity to receive funds to pay her way through school. Through full and part time jobs, grants, loans and grandma's generosity, she has ...


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