Reading, Playing and Bonding With Children Staves Off Violence, Study Finds

Reading your child a book may stop them from being violent. Credit: Getty Images Want to take extra measures to prevent your kid from growing up to be a bully? Try reading him a book or taking him to the playground for some parent-chil...Study shows bonding with mom can also raise a kid's IQ.

Crabby Babies Fare Better With Family Over Day Care, Study Shows

Fussy babies are better off with mommy than day care. Credit: Getty Images
If you have a fussy and irritable baby, you might want to leave him at day care. Indefinitely. But, alas, even if you don't want to be around the crabby little so-...
Crabby babies fare better when they are driving you insane instead of a daycare provider.

Should Your Family Share a Bed?

In many cultures, co-sleeping is the norm. Credit: jupiterimages
Having children means lots of sleepless nights, but for exhausted mothers and fathers, the family bed -- where all members of a family share a single sleeping space -- may provide e...

Sleeping with Baby Dangerous, Study Says

The debate over attachment parenting just got a little more heated, with the release of a study reporting a fourfold increase in infant death from suffocation and strangulation. The study says an increase in the number of parents who share their beds...

Breastfeeding - Does it Protect Kids From Neglect?

Breastfeeding does a baby's body good ... that much we already know. But a 15-year study of over 6,000 Australian children discovered that breastfeeding may benefit babies in another way -- protecting them from neglect. Babies who were breastfed f...

Cesarean section means mom is less attached

The study is very small (only twelve women), the difference is not huge (around five percent), and the disparity disappears shortly after birth but new research seems to suggest that women who give birth via Cesarean section may not bond as well with...

Doing better with family time

All of us look forward to time spent with our families. The times are special, even if you have little of it. Getting the most out of these limited activities can be improved by considering the following suggestions. 1. Set priorities The secret is...

French physician says moms with C-sections don't bond well

French obstetrician Michel Odent has a lot of cajones. He claims that artificial childbirth induction and C-sections prevent the release of hormones (oxytocin) that cause a woman to "fall in love" with her baby. Oh? Well, tell that to women who have ...

Bonding, one child at a time

Until we added a third child to our brood, I thought I maintained a somewhat stable existence. But once the third one arrived, I found that time and again I missed the parenting boat when it came to some of the important matters in our family. Some m...


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