Sex After Baby, Holiday Lights, and Gavin Rossdale - Links We Love

Sex after baby ... does it exist? If your answer is a sound no, then you might want to read this. -- Work it, Mom! Think you're married to Clark Griswald? You aren't alone. Check out the best and worst of holiday houses. -- Lemondrop The econom...

Keeping the clutter down: present-free birthday party

One of my son's kindergarten friends recently had a birthday party with a unique request: No gifts, please. Instead of adding to an already massive menagerie of stuffed animals and plethora of plasticized playthings, attendees were asked to simply ...

Summer reading for kids

We are almost all packed and ready to go for our trip to New York. The only thing I haven't checked off my list yet is a new book for Ellie. Her bookcase is crammed already, but having a brand new, never-been-read story to lose herself in while we tr...


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