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The 10 Best New Picture Books for Spring

Every season brings bright new picture books, and Cabin Fever has the great pleasure of choosing from among the riches the very best. With help from my personal focus group of readers (and pre-readers), here's what made our shortlist of top new pictu...

Book Review: The Robot and the Bluebird by David Lucas

I've previously written about my son Nate's typical boyhood obsession with all things transportation. Though I consider myself an equal opportunity parent and encourage all types of play, he tends to gravitate towards stereotypically "boy toys" with ...

Blogging Baby Size Six: Authors my preschooler enjoys

Marc Brown—He writes the Arthur books, but "Bunny" (my preschooler) prefers the books about D.W., his sassy sister.  (I wonder why?) She can relate to D.W. not wanting to participate in activities, being a picky eater, or gett...


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