Students suspended for anti-drunk-driving shirts

I guess it's something about the back-to-school season. Maybe students are testing the system for the new year to see what's okay and what isn't. Testing boundaries is, of course, part of growing up and figuring out what's socially acceptable and wha...

Roller skates and beer don't mix

When I was a young adult, roller skating was hot. I had a fairly expensive pair of skates that took me all over San Francisco with a friend of mine. Those evenings often ended with beer or wine, but it was the thirst from the workout that spurred the...

Alcoholism in children

You know, there' s some truth to the notion that if you look hard enough you can find ANYTHING. I was trolling the ether this morning when I came across a topic I'd given little thought to: alcoholism in children. Not since Drew Barrymore's now-in...

Should Chuck E. Cheese sell booze?

Despite it being a place "where a kid can be a kid," seventy percent of all Chuck E. Cheese locations across the country sell alcohol (to parents only, presumably). Now, the one in Sherman, Texas has filed an application for a permit to sell liquor. ...

Arresting parents who let kids drink

I've yet to understand Americans' obsession with keeping kids from drinking alcohol until their 21st birthday. At a mere 16 they're allowed to drive, at 18 they're allowed to vote, to go to war, yadda yadda -- I'm sure anyone with a teenager has hear...

Rachel Weisz: it's okay to drink while pregnant

According to the Daily Mail, noted obstetrician, oscar-winning actress Rachel Weisz, who recently gave birth to her son Henry, has declared it is "fine" for expectant mothers to have a glass of wine once the pass the three-months mark. "I mean in Eur...


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