March Break Madness: How to Beat Boredom

Hey, there. It's March Break. How are you? More importantly, where are you? If you're reading this, my guess is you're still here. Yup, Cabin Fever is still here, too. We're not in Florida, soaking in vitamin D and splashing in the ocean. We're not e...

Hope for Craft-Challenged Moms

Over the years I've written books and countless articles about keeping kids creatively occupied in the summer. This being the case, people naturally assume that I'm an arts-and-crafts diva -- you know, the kind of mom who saves Styrofoam meat tra...

Britney Spears Bored With Her Structured Life

Britney Spears has something to say about her new, more structured life. In typical Britney style, she's not holding anything back: "I think it's too in-control," she says in Britney: For the Record, a new documentary about her life. "If I wasn't ...

Adjusting to the lazy days of summer

Ellie and I are in the second week of our first ever stay-at-home summer vacation. In the past, I worked full time outside of the house and Ellie attended pre-school or day care in the summer months. This year, we are hanging out together with all th...

Ode to the kid's song

I was sitting at my desk, staring off into my computer screen, mind wandering as I did something menial. Fellow desk jockeys can empathize, everyone else can imagine, I'm sure. After 10 minutes or so I noticed that I'd been singing to myself. "Oh M...

Alleviating Baby Boredom

One of the things that has surprised me most about being a new parent is the fact that babies get bored.  I think I suspected that babies entertain themselves, especially for the first year of life.  After all, everything is brand new. ...


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