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Did Boxtox Mom Lie for $200?

Mom says she never injected her child with botox. Credit: Win McNamee, Getty Images
Think reports of a mom injecting botox in her 8-year-old daughter were unbelievable?
Turns out, you may be right. TMZ is reporting today that it has...
TMZ reports it has sworn statement declaring it was all a hoax.

Girl Taken Away From Mother Who Injected Her With Botox, 'GMA' Reports

After the airing of a recent "Good Morning America" story featuring a mother who admitted injecting her 8-year-old daughter with botox, the news show now reports the little girl has been removed from her mother's custody. According to "GMA," t...Morning show's sources say girl is doing well.

Botox for Girls? Mom Injects Daughter, 8, to Give Her Beauty Pageant Edge

Botox for adults? Sure. For teens? We're thinking no. For 8-year-olds? Do we really need to answer that one? But at least one woman has no problem with injecting girls with the anti-wrinkle formula. A mom named Kerry -- who asked to keep her ...
An 8-year-old with wrinkles? Mom says daughter was all for treatments.


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