Consensual Living - When Kids and Parents are Equals

We've all seen parents who seem to have a hard time standing up to their kids. Whether it be getting them to clean up their rooms or eat all their vegetables, these parents almost always give in at the first sign of resistance. You might call a paren...

Billy Ray Cyrus wants to be Miley's best friend

I saw Miley Cyrus and her dad Billy Ray on Jay Leno's Tonight Show last week and was kind of surprised. Not by Miley. She came off as a typical, self-assured fifteen-year-old - kind of loud, opinionated and quite full of herself. It was dad Billy Ray...

Are you raising a serial killer?

Do you remember the Pearl Jam video for the song "Jeremy?" The video and the song were both about an angry little boy who, to be blunt, takes a gun in to class and blows himself up. I was reminded of that video when I'd just brought my newborn baby...

World of Warcraft, just a few thoughts

I understand that the gamers who are devoted to World of Warcraft are a sensitive bunch about their game. This is understandable. It is a super cool game. There are so many different levels and facets to the game. A player learns about strategy, coop...

Everett's better: moderating the 'spirited child'

As he nears four years of age, Everett, my son who long has seemed a poster boy for the moniker 'spirited child,' is actually becoming less "intense, sensitive, perceptive, persistent, energetic" and more... moderated. More manageable. He's...


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