Getting Braces: When to Bring Kids to the Orthodontist

Some kids look forward to getting braces; they see it as a sign of growing up and love picking out colored rubber bands. But, after they've been braced for a few months, they're dying to rip them off. So when is the right time for your kid to get bra...When is the right time for your kid to get braces? Watch this video and find out!

Trendy Thai 'Fashion Braces' Can Be Deadly

Thai pop singer "Earn The Star" wears braces, which have become trendy in her homeland. Credit: GMM / Grammy
Brace Face. Tin Grin. Metal Mouth. Those terms might hurt the feelings of some kids, but in Thailand, where it's actually cool to wear br...

Teen's braces save his life

Most kids wear their braces grudgingly. The pay-off for the pain is usually a long time coming and teens aren't known for their patience. But there is at least one kid who got more than he bargained for from his braces, and he didn't have to wait yea...

Cool braces, my daughter wants some

A few months ago when we were at the dentist for a regular check up, my oldest son received the all clear from the doctor: he does not need braces! He has a perfect bite, and other than one front tooth being at a slight angle, his teeth are perfect. ...


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