brain cancer 

Cellphones Don't Raise Risk of Brain Tumors in Kids, Study Finds

Credit: AFP/Getty Images
Put down that cell phone, child! It'll rot your brain and give you cancer!
No reason to put the fear of God into your iPhone-loving kid. We can't comment on the brain rot, but a new study does show that chil...
Researchers found kids with brain tumors don't use cellphones any more often than kids who are cancer-free.

Five Year Old Cancer Patient Leaves Hundreds of Notes for Her Family

When five-year-old Elena Desserich was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer, she set out to help her family deal with her death in a truly remarkable way. The kindergartener started writing -- she created "The Kindergarten Survival Guide" for young...

There is more than one way to transport your father's body

On a recent trip train trip from California to Chicago an elderly man and his middle aged daughter boarded the train for a cross country sight seeing trip. The gentleman, Daniel Stepanovich, was suffering from advanced brain and lung cancers; he and ...


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