What You Should Know About Sprouted Grains

Dear Karla, I have been noticing a lot of "sprouted grain" breads on the shelves at my local grocery store. I am not too sure what sprouted grains actually are, and if this bread is better for my family than our typical store-bought loaf. Can you pr...

Bread - Healthy or Not?

With the re-emergence of low-carb and no-carb diets in the past decade, bread has become the Voldemort of the food world. We've heard that the Food That Shall Not Be Named makes you fat. It's nutritionally bankrupt. It gives you type 2 diabetes. But ...

Pregnant Milla eats!

Yay! I am SO excited to see a pregnant celebrity give in and eat for freak's sake. Milla Jovovich, versatile star of many a fine film, including the Resident Evil franchise and one of my all time favorites, The Fifth Element, who also has her own c...

Bread containing metal pieces recalled by Sara Lee

If you use Sara Lee bread to make your children's sandwiches, take caution. The company announced today that they're recalling Earthgrains, Sara Lee Delightful Wheat and many other brands because the bread may be full of small metal pieces. It apear...


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