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Enough With the Breast-feeding Wars!

And we think men are obsessed with breasts? Geez, can we possibly call a time-out on the mom vs. mom breast-feeding wars? The latest skirmish erupted recently when Michelle Obama said she wants to promote breast-feeding, particularly among African...You know what is truly optimal, when it comes to feeding your baby? Whatever works best for you.

Mom's Messy Car, Viral Videos, and Sling Reviews - Links We Love

Embarrassed in the school pick-up line by your disaster of a car? Snap a picture, then send it off to the Mom's Messy Car Contest. Deadline's March 7. -- The Mommy Files Moms register for baby shower gifts all the time, but birthday party registri...

Blogging Baby Size Six: things to help nursing moms

Nursing isn't always intuitive. In fact, for my first it was downright hard. We struggled for two months to teach our "non-sucker" how to suck. With my second, she latched on easily and nursed like a champ. Having nursed both children for a...


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