'Mommy! I Got to Touch a Breast Implant in School Today!'

"Mom, it was so squishy!" Credit: AFP/Getty Images
You don't often get to touch boobs in elementary school, but this was a special occasion at Shady Grove Elementary School in Henrico, Va.
It was Career Day. Can you guess what ni...
Career day a touching experience when plastic surgeon brings a breast implant.

Protect Your Kids From This Toxic Ingredient

Dear Karla, Some friends of mine have been talking about toxic ingredients that can change the natural levels of hormones in our children, especially in products that we put on their skin. Do you know what they are talking about? Is there something ...

Breastfeeding Better for Kids' Lungs

According to a new report, children who breastfeed have an edge over those who don't -- at least where their lungs are concerned. Kids who were breastfed for at least four months had stronger lungs than those who were bottle fed. The theory behi...

Breastmilk key ingredient at Swiss restaurant

We all know that "breast is best" when it comes to a baby's first food, but what about after that? Some mothers breastfeed their children for several years. Okay, so that's great if you can do it, but what about adults? Why should grown-ups be denied...

Self breast exams - Are they worth the effort?

Most OB/GYNs have the box right on their patient information form: Do you perform a self-breast exam? Some women check yes, others check no, some may even guiltily check yes when they mean no, to avoid a lecture from their doctor. When it comes to s...

HPV found in breastmilk

Well, if HPV, which is linked to cervical cancer, wasn't scary enough, now there is new evidence it can be detected in breastmilk and possibly passed on to a nursing infant. HPV-16, full name Human papillomavirus type 16, can be traced back to a wom...

Kanye West says breastfeeding messed him up

Rapper Kanye West has credited his late mother with influencing his life in many positive ways. Among other things, he says Donda West taught him the importance of enjoying life and pursuing your dreams. He also believes that she is responsible for h...

Mom drinks her own breast milk

A quick trip over to lil sugar revealed something I haven't read about in the news or seen on television. A contestant on America's Top Model, run by former model Tyra Banks, has admitted to drinking her own breast milk. Twenty-four year-old Claire ...

When self-weaning leads to a breastfed 8-year-old

I've been in the process of weaning my 14-month-old son for awhile now. It usually goes well until he has a bad day or isn't feeling well then it is only mommy that will do. Sometimes, when I'm wondering if he'll ever fully wean, I try to remember th...

Fully-functioning breast grown from single stem cell

The Harvard Gazette is reporting the reseachers have grown a complete fully functioning breast from a single stem cell. While this experiment was performed on a mouse, the researchers believe it won't be long until it can be performed on humans. ...


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