Amalah: will dye for the cause

One of my favourite things about blogs is their ability to make measured impact on various causes. Voices by women and men passionate about the environment, animal rights, politics, poverty -- and yes, parenthood -- now have a platform and a unique v...

A tribute to a friend

There's many things I enjoy about writing. Besides getting to work in my pajamas, I enjoy getting to meet other people and tell their stories. I met a woman named Miriam Engelberg this summer while working on a freelance story about breast cancer. We...

What would you do if you found out you had weeks to live?

A friend of mine knows I suffer from insomnia. It's getting worse. Last night, she sent me something to read during my insomnia. Lynette is an Albanian missionary (Orthodox). She has two very young school age children, Tristan and Katherine. Two year...


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