breastfeeding doll 

Breast Milk Baby Doll Teaches Kids to Breast-Feed

Are you one of these people who find yourself ever-so creeped out by the sight of a woman breast-feeding her baby in public? Oh, you ain't see nothing yet. Picture a 7-year-old girl -- or boy, for that matter -- strapping on little flowe...
The folks at Berjuan Toys in Spain think their new Breast Milk Baby is a dandy way to teach children how to breast-feed an infant. After all, you don't want to start second grade without mastering that skill.

Breastfeeding Doll Sparks Controversy

Bebé Gloten, a new breastfeeding doll from a Spanish toy company, is stirring up a lot of controversy. Parents and experts are wondering whether the benefits of playing "breastfeeding mommy" outweigh the age-appropriateness of a doll that re...


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