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City Bans Breast-Feeding Children Older Than 2 in Public

Councilors passed a law May 16 in an Atlanta suburb against public nudity, which includes breast-feeding anyone older than 2. Credit: Getty Images
Remember the song "A Town Without Pity"?
City council members in Forest Park, Ga., wa...
Councilors say law will nip a potential wave of public nudity in the bud.

Angelina Jolie breastfeeding photo stirs controversy

Brad Pitt took a breathtakingly beautiful photograph of Angelina Jolie breastfeeding one of her twin babies. The black and white photo, which will grace the cover of W Magazine in November, shows a happy and smiling Jolie in her bed and nightgown...

Breastfeeding - Why women stop

When I gave birth twenty-something years ago, nobody really prepared me for what breastfeeding would be like. I have every intention of doing it, but was shocked to find out just how much it hurt. I ended up giving up pretty quickly because of that p...

Behold the breastfeeding chair!

Breastfeeding women face plenty of hurdles when trying to feed their babies in public. There are negative attitudes, of course, which shouldn't exist but do. But there are also issues of privacy and comfort. Some women breastfeed with ease. Others (l...

Hooter hiders cause controversy

Recent distribution of a line of nursing covers in Vancouver has stirred up quite a bit of controversy, according to this article. "Hooter Hiders" are special cover-ups that allow nursing mothers to feed their babies in public while remaining fully s...


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