Obama Gives National Support to Working Moms Who Breast-Feed

Obama is calling for appopriate accommodations for breast-feeding moms to pump at the office. Credit: Getty It's not easy being a working mom who wants to breast-feed and transition back into the workplace. Office spaces rarely are con...Obama asked the federal government to establish new guidelines for all federal employees, no matter their status.

Breast-Feeding Linked to Academic Achievement, Study Finds

New research findings point to breast-feeding as a contributing factor to academic achievement. Credit: Getty
Giving your baby the boob may just keep him from becoming a boob.
Children who are mainly breast-fed for six months or lon...
Breast-feeding your baby for at least six months can lead to higher academic achievement.

Should Breast-feeding Moms Get a Room of Their Own?

Does your office have a designated breast-feeding room? Credit: Getty Images An AP report says that Congressional moms have a room of their own where they can go to breast-feed. It's called -- their term, not ours -- the "boob cube." ...Does your workplace have a "lactation suite?"

Capitol Breast-Feeding Room Serves Moms

ParentDish columnist Rachel Campos-Duffy can use the new "lactation suite" in the Capitol building. Credit: AP WASHINGTON (AP) - In the basement of the Capitol, behind a heavy frosted glass door secured by an electronic combination loc...In the basement of the Capitol, behind a heavy frosted glass door secured by an electronic combination lock, is a 12- by 10-foot room where many of Congress' new mothers go to take care of business.

Meet MamAmor, the Doll That Gives Birth

Would you get your kid a doll that gives birth? Credit:
We've seen a lot of dolls here on ParentDish. There was Bebé Glotón, the breast-feeding doll. Then there was the pole-dancing doll. There's also new Barbie Vid...
Not only does the doll "give birth," complete with placenta, but she also breastfeeds.

IRS Doesn't Care if Breast Is Best

Your HSA dollars don't cover breast pumps. Credit: Getty Images
The IRS couldn't care less if breast is best. The New York Times reports that the Internal Revenue Service has issued a decree that tax-free health savings accounts may not be use...
Sorry, moms. The IRS says you can't use your flexible spending account to pay for pumps.

Why Breast-Feeding Makes One Mom Squeamish

Not every mom loves breast-feeding. Credit: Getty Images
I nursed E for a year. Exclusively. Not a single drop of formula ever touched her lips; she was weaned to cow's milk after her first birthday. But -- and this isn't something you'll hear...
A second-time mom shares her doubts about the nursing she did the first time around.

Can't Breast-Feed? Just Strap 'Em On, Moms - or Dads

Could DeNiro's Manery Gland from "Meet the Fockers" become a reality? Photo courtesy of Christa Anderson
Remember that Swedish dude who tried to simulate lactation so he could breast-feed his future babies? We have some good news for him. C...
Hey, Dads! Have breast-feeding envy? You could be strapping this device on soon.

Would You Feed Another Woman's Breast Milk to Your Baby?

Can't pump enough breast milk? One mom offered to do it for her pal. Credit: planet_oleary, Flickr Breast-feeding is such an intimate act -- but blogger Taylor Newman shares her story of feeding her baby another woman's breast milk on Parent...
A mom shares her experiences with feeding her son another woman's breast milk.

People Would Be Nicer If They Got More Cuddling and Breast Milk, Study Says

Know what Atilla the Hun's problem was? Not enough breast milk when he was in kindergarten. Plus, he never got the parental attention he deserved. That Atilla was left alone to rant and rave in his crib without anyone picking him up and say...Would you breast feed your child when she's 5? This researcher says you probably should.

Breast-Feeding Moms Serve McDonald's an Order of Protest, Super-Sized

Moms protested McDonald's after a breast-feeding mom was kicked out. Credit: Justin Sullivan, Getty Images
Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickle, onion on a ... whoa, Nellie! Visitors at a McDonald's in Phoenix on Aug. 2...

Nursing Bras and Nursing Tanks

The right nursing bra is a must-have for new moms. Credit: Getty
Nursing bras aren't just essential items for breastfeeding mothers -- the right bra also can make a nursing woman feel more attractive and comfortable. Most women will want to...

Gisele Bundchen: Women Should Be Forced to Breast-Feed

Gisele Bundchen strolls with baby Benjamin. Credit: Scott A. Keola, Bauer-Griffin
When a supermodel speaketh, thou shalt listen. Now that Brazilian bombshell Gisele Bundchen has been a mom to baby Benjamin for all of seven months, she has d...

Bethenny Frankel Dishes on Motherhood and Breast-Feeding

Forget the single and carefree Bethenny Frankel you grew to love on "The Real Housewives of New York City." It's time to get to know the new Frankel who married Jason Hoppy back in March, and gave birth to their daughter, Bryn, four months ago....

Research: Give Babies Some Cow's Milk

Milk -- It does a body good. Credit: Getty Images
For all the virtues of breast-feeding, it might be a good idea to give babies just a little bit of cow's milk in the first 15 days of life. The CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) reports ...


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