California County Speaks Out Against Co-Sleeping

Is sleeping with your baby safe? Credit: Getty Images
Proponents say it promotes bonding and facilitates breast-feeding; those against it say it puts infants unnecessarily in danger. Now, health officials in Santa Clara County, Calif., are weighi...

Opinion: Don't Hate On Kim Kardashian Because She Doesn't Want to See Your Boobs

Kim Kardashian wants you to cover up your ta-tas. Credit: Ethan Miller, Getty Images
Kim Kardashian isn't exactly what anyone would call a parenting expert, and when she used her Twitter account to express her discomfort at the sight of a woman b...

'Breast is Best' Campaign Sends Wrong Message, Advocates Say

Some believe breast may not be best Credit: Getty Images
"Breast is best." OK, so "Sonnets from the Portugese" it's not. But hey, it rhymes. That's a plus. And, as far as catchy advertising slogans go, it's better than "Think Breasts." Afte...

Should Your Family Share a Bed?

In many cultures, co-sleeping is the norm. Credit: jupiterimages
Having children means lots of sleepless nights, but for exhausted mothers and fathers, the family bed -- where all members of a family share a single sleeping space -- may provide e...

Links We Love: Dirty Movies for Kids, Breastfeeding and Cliches

Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart starred as Cherie Currie and Joan Jett in The Runaways. Credit: Frazer Harrison, Getty Images
The Dirtiest Movie Your Kid Should See This Year: Let's go ahead and get all the inappropriate content in "Th...

Breastfeeding Pics Banned, Apple Gadgets Help Autistic Kids and More

Breast may be best as far as the World Health Organization is concerned, but not according to Facebook. The social networking site has removed portraits of breastfeeding women created by a British Columbia artist. The iPad may look like the lates...

Breast-Feeding Could Save Lives and Money, Research Finds

Breast milk could help prevent diabetes. Credit: Getty Images
If women breast-fed their babies for the first six months of life, more than 900 infant deaths would be prevented and the United States would save $13 billion dollars annually, accor...

Are Hospitals That Give Out Free Formula Sabotaging Breastfeeding?

Toronto's Medical Officer of Health has a message for Toronto hospitals: Stop giving out free formula. According to a new study by Toronto Public Health, hospitals that provide free formula to new moms reduce the likelihood that women will exclusivel...

Hit the Bottle

Credit: Mimijumi
Here is some good news for all those breastfeeding moms who've been kept on a short leash because their babies refuse to take a bottle: The nipples of Mimijumi's new Very Hungry bottles are designed to resemble mommy...

Best Pregnancy Books: ParentDish's Top 10 Picks

Catch up on your pregnancy reading with these top titles. Credit: Betsssssy, Flickr
In "The Godfather," they went to the mattresses. In pregnancy, you go to the books. And, since you've already got a lot on your mind, we did the work for you, bre...

Nursing Mothers Send Breast Milk to Ailing Haitian Babies

Georgia Morrow, coordinator for the Grant Medical Mothers' Milk Bank of Ohio, sorts mothers' milk that will be sent to Haiti. Credit: Jeff Hinckley, Columbus Dispatch
Milk from nursing mothers in Ohio and around the country is on its way to nouri...

Best Advice the Mom Behind Toronto's 'Planet Kid' Ever Got

Sarajane Fillmore is the owner of Planet Kid, a successful kids' clothing boutique located in Toronto's hippest neighbourhood, Roncesvalles Village. Her store is home to a wealth of fabulous Canadian kidswear designers, including herself. She also de...

Breastfeeding Longer Could Prevent Mental Health Problems

Breastfeeding isn't always easy. In fact, for some women it can be one of the most difficult and stressful challenges of coping with a newborn. But mounting evidence suggests that it's a challenge worth facing, and that resources aimed at helping wom...

Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau Dishes on Motherhood

Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau has a lot going on. When she's not relaying the latest entertainment scoop as etalk's Quebec correspondent, she's busy keeping up with her 2-year-old son, Xavier, and 10-month-old daughter, Ella-Grace. She's also the wi...

Attachment Parenting: A Brief Overview

Attachment parenting is a parenting style developed by William Sears, M.D., a pediatrician and father of eight who believes that children form a strong emotional bond with parents or caregivers during childhood with lifelong consequences. Attachm...


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