Top food "mistakes" parents make

Getting your child to eat healthfully can be harder than a 48-hour labor. Much of the time, where picky eaters come from is unknown, although it seems able to start at an early age and set in for the duration of childhood if we're not careful. For m...

Bribing your kids

Do you bribe your kids? Do you think you should? Do you think every time you do it that someone up there is keeping track of your parenting decisions but that you had no choice? If you do, I am sure you are not alone. My son is not old enough to ...

Do you ever bribe your children with food?

I was blogwalking last night, and I found a post by a blogger who shall remain nameless which reminded me of something from my children's infancy. Specifically my middle child's infancy. Rachel, er, this blogger said that because of her daughter's st...


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