Bristol Palin on Life as a Teen Mom - "Think About the Consequences"

Recently, Bristol Palin went public with her renewed faith in abstinence-only sex education. If anyone should be the voice of Don't Do It, it's this high-profile teen mom -- after all, Palin knows what she's talking about: Her son Tripp was born in D...

Levi Johnston Says Bristol Palin "Is Totally Different Now"

Levi Johnston dropped by Larry King Live last night, to talk about his son and his ex and his life. Johnston told King that while he is able to see his son at the Palin's house, he is not allowed to take him anywhere. "You know, I want to be able to ...

Tim Allen to Be a Daddy Again

Tim Allen, of Home Improvement and the Santa Clause movie franchise, is set to be a daddy again. Tim, who is now 55 years old, and wife Jane Hajduk are expecting their first child together sometime this spring. The couple have been married since 2006...

Teens' Deeds Now Up infertility Risks Later

No one likes to think their teenager is having sex. And we all remember how that went when we ourselves were teenagers. The math suggests that teens ARE having sex--if, you know, Bristol Palin, for example, is any indicator. What teens might know abo...

Bristol Palin Sells Baby Photos for $300,000

Wow! Little Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston, who's been with us in this crazy world for less than a month, is already a celebrity. In fact, he was a few days after his Grandma, former VP candidate Sarah Palin, made the news by announcing his mommy, Br...


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