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A neighbor's three-year-old repeatedly comes across the street to visit without her parents' knowledge, sometimes for up to an hour. Call CPS, talk to the parents, or just keep waiting for her to get picked up ... what would you do? -- MomLogic Di...

Charlie Sheen still slinging the mud

Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards will not win any prizes for negotiating a civil divorce. It's been messy from the beginning, with Denise dumping Charlie while pregnant with their child. I don't know that it was ever determined just what brought abo...

Denise Richards not upset over Sheen's engagement

Denise Richards sounds like a pretty cool ex. Not only is she not upset over Charlie Sheen's engagement to Brooke Mueller, but she even sent the couple a floral arrangement. Richards says she has met the upcoming Mrs. Sheen and really likes her. T...


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