How to Play: Bubble Pool

The bigger the bubble, the greater the fun! Credit: courtneyBolton, Flickr
What you need: For this game, you will need a kiddie pool, several bottles of bubble solution, an assortment of bubble blowers, and a hula hoop. How to play: Fill the k...

Traci Lords refuses to go topless due to breastfeeding

Former porn star and sometime actress Traci Lords says she refused to go topless in her new movie--because she was breastfeeding. The Cry Baby starlet, who hasn't shown her breasts since 1987 (according to her), was firm with her decision to Kevin...

How to make giant soap bubbles (Video)

If your kid is into making bubbles, this will change your world. Gone are the days of little plastic bottles and the puny little bubbles they produce. Now you can make enormous, "self-healing" bubbles (that won't break as often) simply by mixing up...

Fit fun activities for the whole family

Spring is just beginning to melt through the remnants of old man winter here in the Rocky Mountains. This afternoon I had the pleasure of sitting outside in the sun with my youngest son Devon while we blew bubbles. Bubbles form big blowers, bubbles f...

Colored bubbles!

Finally, colored bubbles! The company Zubbles has created the world's first colored bubble. The clever minds at Ascadia have spent ten years concocting the recipe. Children will be able to choose from a variety of colors that when exposed to air or p...

Beauty in simplicity: bubbles

We are currently on our third, and last, child in our home. There is a seven year age difference between our youngest and middle child and an eleven year difference between the baby and our oldest son. In the time we were rearing our older two kids t...


My online buddy Mir tipped me to the coolest thing I have ever seen... Zubbles!  These fabulous coloured bubbles aren't available yet, but when they are, watch out -- every kid on your block will be clamouring for them. Tim Kehoe, the inventor o...


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