Bug Off! Soap Keeps Pests at Bay

Get your goat on. Credit: Beekman 1802.
Do you bug out when the bugs are out? Keep the pesky critters at bay the natural way with Beekman 1802 Bug Repellent Bars. Made from goat milk that's naturally scented with citronella, eucalyptus and ...

Yes, That Mosquito Really is After You

Don't scratch that mosquito bite, it may get infected. Credit: Hakan Hjort, Getty Images
If you spend most of your summer days fending off mosquitoes, while most everyone around you seems to be immune, you may think the little pests have it in ...

Teaching non-violence through bugs

In Ellie's classroom, students are each assigned special tasks each week. One week Ellie might be responsible for helping clean the classroom, another week she might be Line Leader. The pinnacle of classroom jobs is the teacher assistant position, wh...

Horror stories for little kids?

I love horror movies. I'm not sure why. I'm a benign, anti-violence person, I've never even physically shoved someone, and yet I love a really terrifying horror show: one that can make my toes curl and my mind recoil. Seven comes to mind. I love to b...

Talking magnifying glass helps identify the bugs you find

A few months ago my daughter suddenly noticed insects -- as if they'd never been there before. So for her birthday I bought her a variety of bug catching equipment, but -- while I thought it was incredibly cool -- it unfortunately went over like a le...

Student finds enormous wasps' nest in her dorm room mattress

When Stasia Botwight was leaving for her month-long vacation, she noticed a few wasps flying around her room -- so she left the window opening, figuring they'd simply fly away. Little did she know, that would only make it easier for the insects to bu...

Fifty years of the wabbit

It's a classic. It was voted, by those who know, as the best ever. And you probably don't even know its name. I know I didn't. Just for the record, it's called "What's Opera, Doc?" and it is the greatest cartoon of all. Furthermore, It's now fifty ye...


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