Eating Disorders in Teens Lead to Higher Suicide Risk Rates, Study Shows

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More teens than ever before are suffering from eating disorders -- and they're also more likely to suffer from suicidal thoughts, a new study shows. Researchers report ...
All eating disorders were associated with a higher lifetime risk for suicidal tendencies.

Facebook, Secondhand TV Spread Eating Disorders Across the World

Even if your kids aren't online, they're still under the influence of their social networking friends. Credit: Getty Images For parents who think flicking off the tube -- or possibly transplanting their kids to a remote island like Fiji...Teens are using social media for tips on dangerous weight loss.

Women in Sororities More Apt to Have Bad Body Images, Eating Disorders, Study Says

Do sororities cultivate mean girls or future humanitarians? Credit: Corbis
Women who join sororities are more likely to judge themselves on their appearances and display bulimic tendencies, according to a new study published in the journal Sex ...

French ban the promotion of extreme thinness

Can you imagine opening the glossy pages of a high fashion magazine and NOT seeing stick thin models? This is may be made reality in France. The French parliament's lower house has recently adopted a landmark bill that would make it illegal for anyo...

Body peace project treaty for teens

Brittany Snow, Ashlee Simpson and Fergie are among the stars to sign a treaty created by teen magazine Seventeen to help teenage girls improve their body image. The Body Peace Project Treaty is being launched by Seventeen Editor In Chief Ann Skoket ...

New York Fasion Week responds responsibly to use of thin models

The New York Fashion Week, scheduled to begin this Friday, has a made a few changes to its line up. The use of super skinny models is out this year. This issue has been red hot this year, making headlines again and again. Although a rare few of us ev...

Girls as young as 7 suffering from anorexia

Although it is not the norm, there have been a number of instances where girls as young as seven years-old suffer from anorexia. One such hospital that treats children with the disorder is Great Ormond Street, the famous children's hospital in centra...

Yummy Mummy author battled bulimia

Sarah Gilbert enlightened us to the term "Yummy Mummy" last year, the gist being Yummy Mummies are not frumpy and haggard mothers, they're hip women walking their 3-inch heels through motherhood. Liz Fraser has written a guidebook for you i...

Lindsay Lohan: Role model for girls, NOT celebrity punch line

What's up with all the Lindsay Lohan hate? Ever since word of her upcoming Vanity Fair interview broke, I've been shocked by the comments that have followed - everything ranging from dismissiveness to sheer vitriol. I went to the front page of AIMTod...


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