Bullies Grow up to be Abusive Husbands and Boyfriends, Study Finds

Guys who were bullies when they were kids are dramatically more likely to abuse their wives and girlfriends as adults. Credit: Getty Images Your dinner date laughs as he reminisces about the time he stuffed the president of the chess cl...Once a bully, always a bully, say researchers.

Bullies Apparently Have Trouble Sleeping at Night

No wonder bullies are grumpy! Credit: Getty Images
You have to wonder how school bullies sleep at night.
Actually (heh heh), they don't. Researchers at the University of Michigan Medical School say bullies are twice as likely to hav...
Are kids bullies because they're tired? Or are they tired because they're bullies?

Bullying Parents May Lead Kids to Bully, Study Finds

Parents who are often angered by their kids increase the risk of turning their child into a bully. Credit: Getty Images
Want to stop your kid from being a bully? Start talking and stop getting mad.
A new study finds parents who are ...
Parents who communicate with their kids are unlikely to raise bullies.

Cool Teens Bully Their Way to the Top, Study Shows

It's the popular kids who do the most bullying, a new study finds. Credit: Corbis If your teen aspires to hang out with the popular crowd, being deceitful, scheming and tormenting her peers may help make her cool. Once she's queen bee,...This study confirms what we learned from "Mean Girls." Popular kids can be vicious.

'Are You Giving Me This Atomic Wedgie Because You Miss Your Daddy?'

Excuse me, bully, but could your mean streak be due to Daddy issues? Credit: Getty Say, kids, the next time the school bully is giving you an atomic wedgie, try looking deep into his eyes with a sympathetic expression and tell him, "...Bullies might not be getting enough Daddy Time.

Bullied Girl With Cerebral Palsy Speaks Out

"If I don't tell now, what would happen?" Those were the tearful words of a 12-year-old girl with cerebral palsy whose father stormed a Florida school bus last month, threatening children who had ...
A Florida father threatened kids on a school bus for bullying his daughter who has cerebral palsy.

How to Deal With Bullies: Advice for Parents

If you suspect your child is being bullied, don't ignore it. Credit: Corbis
We know bullying happens. So, what should parents do if their child is being bullied -- or is a bully? To get some advice, ParentDish spoke with Ross Ellis, founder and c...

Florida Book Project Puts Kids Inside Bullies' Heads

William Orr, right, gets help from teacher Matt Ferrelli on his anti-bullying story, as Javier Palau, 12, listens on. Credit: Sarah Dussault, Sun Sentinel / MCT
"If ignorant both of your enemy and yourself, you are certain to be in peril." Thu...

Bullies and Their Victims Often Share Similar Backgrounds, Study Shows

Portrait of a troubled child: He feels bad about himself. He handles himself poorly in social situations. He feels overwhelmed and powerless, especially in the face of conflict. Unfortunately, he may experience more than his share of conflict at ho...

Boy, 14, Allegedly Tattooed Against His Will By Bullies

A 14-year-old boy in Concord, N.H., claims he was bullied into getting a tattoo on his buttocks May 10. His father tells the local paper, the New Hampshire Union Leader, that bullies at Concord High School threatened to beat the boy if he did...

Opinion: Bully, or Frightened Prey in the Jungle of Junior High?

Credit: The Walt Disney Company / Courtesy of Getty Images
I raised my son according to the Law of the Jungle. Not the real jungle. Rudyard Kipling's jungle. Rudyard Kipling is the British author who wrote "The Jungle Book." If you haven'...

'Bully List' Irks Parent When Her Son Makes the Top 6

Teachers at Wire Village School in Spencer, Mass., asked students to make a list of the school's biggest bullies. Danielle Gebo complained when Tom, her 11-year-old son, was suspended from recess for not only making the list, but ranking in...

Opinion: Be it Bullies or Sandra Bullock, the Victim Is Not to Blame

Jesse James and Sandra Bullock in happier times. Credit: Rich Schmitt, AFP / Getty Images
Two recent news stories offer a lesson in playing the blame game: Whether the story is about bullies or Sandra Bullock, don't put the fault on the victi...

What's Going On Inside Mean Tweens' Heads?

Researchers say mean boys will throw you in a locker, but mean girls are more likely to give you the stink eye. Credit: Corbis
This just in: Kids in late elementary school through junior high are mean. And it doesn't matter if they're boys ...

When Your Child Is the Bully

Is your kid a Scott-Farkus-in-the-making? Credit: (c)MGM, Courtesy of Everett Collection
Heidi's oldest child was just 15 months old when she started exhibiting aggressive behavior. She hit, she bit, she pulled other kids' hair -- and Heidi was a...


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