bully victims 

Opinion: Bullying Stops With Parents

Tyler Clementi, 18, a first year student at Rutgers University in New Jersey, killed himself shortly after being spied on and having footage of himself streamed online. Credit: AFP/Getty Images
Last week we mourned over several teenage suicides: ...
Tweens and teens are grappling with who they are in the romantic world, so many of whom are bullied at school for being different, so many of whom remain silent about their struggles and pain.

Bullies and Their Victims Often Share Similar Backgrounds, Study Shows

Portrait of a troubled child: He feels bad about himself. He handles himself poorly in social situations. He feels overwhelmed and powerless, especially in the face of conflict. Unfortunately, he may experience more than his share of conflict at ho...

What's Going On Inside Mean Tweens' Heads?

Researchers say mean boys will throw you in a locker, but mean girls are more likely to give you the stink eye. Credit: Corbis
This just in: Kids in late elementary school through junior high are mean. And it doesn't matter if they're boys ...


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