Phoebe Prince's Mom Speaks Out, Faces Daughter's Bullies

More than one year after teen Phoebe Prince committed suicide because of unbearable harassment at school, the teens who bullied her appeared in court this week to receive sentencing. Five plead guilty and were given one year probation and 100...
Phoebe Prince's mother confronted her daughter's bullies.

Phoebe Prince's Bullies Apologize, Are Sentenced to 1 Year Probation, Community Service

On Jan. 14, 2010, teenager Phoebe Prince hung herself in her home, and, soon after her death, details of the bullying and harassment she faced at school began to unravel.
Six alleged bullies faced felony charges in their hometown of Hadley, Mas...
Two of those charged plead guilty, avoid jail time.

Bullying Parents May Lead Kids to Bully, Study Finds

Parents who are often angered by their kids increase the risk of turning their child into a bully. Credit: Getty Images
Want to stop your kid from being a bully? Start talking and stop getting mad.
A new study finds parents who are ...
Parents who communicate with their kids are unlikely to raise bullies.

School Nurses May Be Able to ID Bullies

Watch Video Related to Bullying
Nurses aren't only good a fixing scrapes, but now they may be able to fix the bullying issue. Credit: AFP/Getty Images Children may be reluctant to speak out if they're being bullied, but the logs in...
A hidden world is often recorded in nurses' logs.

Moms Say They Saw No Warning Signs From Bullied Teens Who Committed Suicide at Sleep-Over

"Thank you for giving me an amazing life and I'm sorry for doing this to you and I love you," 14-year-old Hayley Fentress wrote in a suicide note to her mom. And, with no further explanation, the teen's tragic act has left her family scrambli...
Moms of teens who committed suicide together at a sleep-over search for answers.

Bullying and Being Bullied Start at Home, Study Finds

Watch Video Related to Bullying
Bullies -- and the victims of bullying on the schoolyard -- often experience the same violence at home. Credit: Getty Images What happens behind a family's closed doors doesn't always stay there, espec...
Violence at home can cause kids to bully -- or be bullied.

Girl Who Beat Cancer is Cyber Bullied by Best Friend

A 14-year-old who lost a leg in her battle over cancer at the age of 10 had to face a new threat -- a cyber bully -- who turned out to be her best friend. Justine Williams, of North Andover, Mass., tells CBS Boston she is hopeful that telling ...A middle school girl finds out her best friend was also her cyber bully.

Parents Sue School District After Their 13-Year-Old's Suicide Following Sexting Bullying

A Florida school district is being sued by the parents of an eighth grade student who committed suicide in 2009, after being harassed by classmates due to a sexting incident, Reuters reports. The news service says Donna and Charles Witsell cla...Parents of an eighth grader who committed suicide is now suing the school district.

Bullying Causes Stress, Anxiety Disorders, Study Finds

If mice can feel it, we can, too. Credit: Corbis
Looking for clues to what happens to your kid after a mean girl beat down? Mickey, Minnie and their mouse friends could shed some light on the stress caused by schoolyard bullies.
When other mice torment them, rodents get nervous and stressed out, too.

Gay and Lesbian Students Urging Congress to Take Stand Against Bullying

More and more teens are taking the cause to stop gay bullying to Congress.
School bullies across the land might want to start collecting stamps or find some other new hobby.
Their gay and lesbian victims are coming out of their lock...
Gay and lesbian students fighting back with legislation and lawsuits.

Parents Turning to Plastic Surgery to Stop Bully Taunts

More and more kids are getting plastic surgery. Credit: AFP/Getty Images
Remember kindly Mister Rogers, always reassuring children that they deserve love and acceptance for just by being themselves?
"There's only one person in the w...
Parents turn to cosmetic surgery as a cure for bullying.

Brave Teen Takes On Bullies on YouTube, Supporters Rally

"Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words may save me" could be a new mantra for kids who get bullied and speak out. In a bold and brave move, a Connecticut teen is taking on the bullies who are making her life miserable on YouTube, ral...Viral video shows the silent suffering of being bullied.

Alleged Bully Speaks Out on 'Today,' Claims He Was the Victim

Last week, when a video of a child who fought back against his bully went viral, the victim, 16-year-old Casey Heynes, became an instant hero and was applauded for his courage. Richard Gale, 12, was captured on camera outside of the boys' hig...
Last week, when a video of a child who fought back against his bully went viral, the victim, 16-year-old Casey Heynes, became an instant hero and was applauded for his courage. This morning, Gale appeared on the "Today" show, claiming there is more to the story than what the video shows.

Mike Tyson Tells Gayle King He Was Bullied as a Kid, Smoked to Lower His Voice

From the looks of him, what with those mountainous muscles and the super-scary face tattoo -- not to mention the incredible power of his punch -- it's not hard to imagine Mike Tyson being a bit of a bully as a kid. But the former heavyweight cham...The boxer says his voice led to bullying as a kid.

Cool Teens Bully Their Way to the Top, Study Shows

It's the popular kids who do the most bullying, a new study finds. Credit: Corbis If your teen aspires to hang out with the popular crowd, being deceitful, scheming and tormenting her peers may help make her cool. Once she's queen bee,...This study confirms what we learned from "Mean Girls." Popular kids can be vicious.


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