Spinach: Popeye's Magical Food

Spinach definitely worked for Popeye, its most famous advocate. While the rest of us aren't looking for bulging arms to chase down criminals, we can reap the rewards of this iron rich vegetable. Spinach won't directly make you stronger, but the ...

Healthy Vegetarian Quesadilla Recipe

Melted cheese on a crispy tortilla. Whether you dip it in salsa or throw on sour cream, quesadillas are the easy to make snack and comfort food many families cannot go without. But if your worried about packing on the pounds when devouring your favou...

Help! My Teenager Is Going Vegan

Dear Karla, My teenager daughter has decided to follow a group of her friends and skip out on all items that come from animal meat. I am OK if she cuts back a bit, but myself grew up with agriculture all around me, so am a bit confused. Because she ...

How to Optimize Your Child's Bone Health

Dear Karla, I grew up with the message that I had to drink lots of milk so that I'd get enough calcium for healthy, strong bones. I know that in today's society, dairy items are not necessarily as popular as they once were, and my family does not ea...

Salba: Healthy for the Whole Family

Salba seeds have been gaining attention this past year as a "Superfood" due to new research and understanding of their nutritional value and therapeutic power. To give you a little history, salba seeds come from the Chia family, also known as the ...

"Pregorexia" takes moms by storm

(Click the photo to see which celebs might be "pregorexic") It seems like it should be common sense. Don't diet while pregnant. Yet for many moms these days that seems to be the trend. Many of them are successful at it--but at what cost to their un...


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