States Consider Banning Teens From Tanning Beds

Watch a PSA using humor (sort of) to convince teens not to tan. Do you think this will work?
Citing skin cancer risks, legislators have debated over whether or not states should ban tanning beds used by minors. Credit: AP LOS ANGELES...
If a proposed law passes, California teens under 18 will need a fake ID to "fake and bake" themselves to a golden brown.

New California Law Mandates Whooping Cough Booster Shot for Teens

Come September, teens won't be allowed in public or private schools without proof of a whooping cough booster shot. Credit: Getty If you live in California, you'll need to add one more thing to your back-to-school to-do list. A ne...New California law requires kids in grades seven through 12 to get whooping cough vaccine.

Proposed Bill Would Incorporate LGBT Info in Public School Curriculum

The new bill would rewrite the history books to include LGBT history and contributions. Credit: Corbis
Abraham Lincoln. Rosa Parks. John F. Kennedy. Harvey Milk?
If a California state senator has his way, the state's public schools ...
The California bill would require gay history to be added to the books.

Parents Can Sue Schools for Skipping Gym Class, Court Rules

Although childhood obesity is rising at an alarming rate, many school districts are minimizing physical activity. Credit: Yuri Gripas, AFP/Getty Images
In an ironic turn of events, schools are now getting in trouble for skipping gym class. Acc...
According to a ruling this week by the California Court of Appeals, parents can take their children's public schools to court to force them to provide the minimum amount of physical education required under state law.

Hey Matheletes, It's Time for Your Drug Tests

Drug testing -- it's not just for jocks, anymore. Credit: Ben Stansal, AFP / Getty Images
Going out for math club this fall? How about the chess team? Be ready to pee in a cup. reports that the California 3rd District Court of Appe...

California Second Grader Sets Goal for Clean Water Worldwide

Riley Goodfellow, 8, ate 25 dinners of rice and beans to help raise money provide clean water worldwide. Credit: Sarah Goodfellow
When Riley Goodfellow took a trip to Guatemala with her parents last summer, she was struck by how many people the...

Oh, Baby: Teen Mom Blogs Pregnancy on YouTube

Jessica Shafer was 17 when she found out she was expecting a baby, and, rather than hide her pregnancy, she decided to share it with the world via a video blog on YouTube. Shafer, of Modesto, Calif., has posted 60 videos over the course of...

California Boy, 13, Sets Out to Be Youngest to Conquer Mt. Everest

Jordan Romero stands at the summit of Carstensz Pyramid, Oceania's highest peak, in fall 2009. Credit: Paul Romero
While many eighth graders are busy prepping for end-of-year tests or making plans for spring dances, Jordan Romero has his eye on s...

Woman Sues for Child Support 60 Years Later

There's no statute of limitations on child support in California, and now an 81-year-old grandmother wants her son's father to pay. Rosemary Douglas says Urban Joseph Grass, 82, owes $57,000 in back child support and interest, the Houston Chron...

California Law Gives Powers to Parents, Troubles Teachers

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed an education reform bill Jan. 7 that has the state's teachers peering out their windows looking for villagers with torches and pitchforks. Teachers are worried because the new "parent trigger" law giv...

Teen's Expulsion for Off-Campus Guns Overturned

Gary Tudesko and his mother, Susan Parisio, smile after Glenn County Board of Education members overturned his suspension. Credit: Sacramento Bee / ZUMApress
A California high school student expelled for having two shotguns in his truck -- which ...

Hero Kid Saves Pal From Perishing in Icy Pond

A California boy is being hailed as a hero after saving the life of a young friend who fell through the ice and into a man-made pond. Victor Flores, 9, and seven-year-old friend Aiden were playing near the pond on property owned by Victor's gr...

MySpace Mom Finds Long Lost Son

Thirty-two years after giving her son up for adoption, Terri Fuller, a mom from Layton, UT, found him in the most unusual way, thanks to a simple typo. Fuller gave up her son, Rustin Hawver, when he was just two and she "was young and just barely ...

California Woman Gives Birth to Octuplets!

An as-yet-unnamed woman in Belleflower, California became mom to eight -- yes, eight -- babies on Monday. The octuplets, six boys and two girls, were born via C-section at Kaiser Permanente hospital, and all are doing well. The newbies weigh anywhere...

Shackled Teen Shows Up At California Gym

An emaciated 17-year-old boy showed up at a California gym with a shackle around his bleeding ankle, and begged workers there to protect him from the couple he says held him captive and tortured him. Half-naked and covered with soot and feces, the...


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