Kids' Diets Heavy on Empty Calories, Study Says

Pizza is now a major food group for kids in the U.S. Credit: Getty Images
If the trip home from school frequently includes a stop at the kids' favorite pizza joint, get ready for a new dose of parental guilt. A study released today by leadin...
Easy on the pizza -- a study released today by leading nutrition experts strongly urges us to reduce the amount of empty calories consumed by our kids.

Fast Food Calorie Counts Lead Parents to Better Choices

Good news for moms and dads in the fight against childhood obesity: It turns out when calories are listed in fast food places, parents make better choices, according to a recent study. When calorie information about menu items is listed, parents...

Does an obese pregnancy lead to an obese child?

Several studies in a recent New York Times article entitled "Honey, I Plumped the Kids" seem to be pointing in that direction. As we all know by now, human beings are getting bigger--and by bigger, I really mean fatter. In 2005 it was estimated ther...

Kids' meals unhealthy

Newsflash--what you're feeding your children when you take them out to dinner is not healthy! A new report says that kids meals at top chain restaurants are full of salt, fat and calories. The restaurants in question are the likes of McDonald's, Tac...

Pregnancy fact or fiction: Eating for two (or three)

Just how much are you supposed to eat when you're pregnant? According to, the average (not overweight, not underweight) woman should gain between 25-35 pounds during pregnancy. But, does it matter what your doctor says, what your frie...

Sneaking sugary drinks back into schools

Last year, when the nation's three largest beverage companies agreed to remove their sugary drinks from school vending machines, they were applauded. Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Cadbury Schweppes voluntarily agreed to offer only water, low-fat milk and 10...

UK considers banning cars from school zones

Our friends over at Auto Blog are all about the cars. We, of course, are all about the kids. When cars and kids collide - well, that's a bad thing. Surprisingly, that's not the reason the UK's Institute for European Environmental Policy is looking in...

Veggies: Lie if you have to

A new study from Penn State University indicates that sneaking vegetables into kids' meals is a valid part of your overall healthy eating plan. As part of their study, researchers came up with two pasta dishes to test on children. A low calorie dish ...

Fit fun activities for the whole family

Spring is just beginning to melt through the remnants of old man winter here in the Rocky Mountains. This afternoon I had the pleasure of sitting outside in the sun with my youngest son Devon while we blew bubbles. Bubbles form big blowers, bubbles f...


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