Michael Douglas Calls Son Cameron's Prison Sentence 'Adequate'

Cameron Douglas' parents Diandra Luker and Michael Douglas leave New York Federal Court after Cameron was sentenced to five years for possession of methamphetamines. Credit: Timothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty Images
NEW YORK (AP) - Michael Douglas bel...

Bathroom Cameras a Good Thing, Says School

Someone installs cameras in the school bathrooms, hoping to catch teenage girls involved in some "horseplay." Sounds like it's time to call the police, yes? Or Joe Francis. But wait, not only is the school well aware of the situation, it put them the...

Brad Pitt photographs his family for W magazine

He's an actor, celebrity, philanthropist, father to some of the most famous offspring in the world. In his spare time, Brad Pitt also fancies himself a photographer, so much so that Angelina gave him a Littman 45 Single camera for a recent birthday g...

Who takes the photos in your family?

I have...thousands of pictures of Nolan. It is utterly amazing to look at the transformation that a baby undergoes in the first few years of their lives...the recession of the folds of baby fat, the lengthening of the face and infusion of personality...

How to build an underwater camcorder

Underwater Camcorder Mod! $10! - video powered by Metacafe In Texas the summers are hot, so we spend a lot of time at the pool. It's been a blast watching my daughter take to the water, and start learning how to swim. The one drawback to all the ...

The Penis Photo

As one of our readers noted, giving a pre-schooler a camera may not always result in the most appropriate -- or flattering -- pictures. (Heck, the same is probably true of teenagers, come to think of it.) On Sunday, I was getting dressed and hollerin...

The Junior Photographer

I have taken well over twenty thousand photos (including two or three good ones!) since Jared was born, so the kids are kinda used to seeing me with a camera. Lately, Jared had been playing with the toy cameras at school a lot and asking if he could ...

NannyCams: do you tell?

Over the past few years, Rachel and I have frequently talked about hiring a nanny to watch the kids. Never mind, for the moment, that we can't really afford it. Currently, my sister-in-law and mother-in-law watch the kids during the day, but my MIL, ...


Okay, I admit it. I am obsessed with the African continent. My dream, before I had kids (and my dream became just getting a good night's sleep), was to spend a couple years traveling around the African continent in my old Land Rover, especially in Bo...


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