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Runaway truck causes chaos, destroys poperty -- toddler inside walks away unharmed

Sandy already brought us the news of one toddler who was so determined to take a ride with daddy, that she snuck on to the camper of his truck, and held on for 45 minutes while he sped down the highway. And here's the off-road version. A 2-year-old w...

Do you know the child restraint laws in your state?

I recently had a conversation with a group of mothers about the child restraint laws in my state. It turns out that only a few of us knew the laws and there was much confusion about who should be in a car seat, booster seat or just belted in the back...

How to prevent a child from unlatching a car seat?

Blogging Baby reader Jon has a bit of a problem. His seventeen-month-old son has figured out how to unlatch the belt on his Britax Roundabout car seat. While that might seem handy when it comes time to get out, it's probably not safe most of the time...

Stopping tantrums in the car?

My daughter is 2-years-old and quite a handful. I've been very lucky in that, for the most part, we've been able to get a grip on her behavior at home; usually all it takes is a threat of time-out to get her back in line. But, she's stubborn, smart ...

My favourite travel gear: the Hammacher Schlemmer Car Seat

Our first vacation as a family was to Santa Fe, New Mexico.   Our travel plans had us flying in from Houston to Albuqueque, and then taking the scenic 2-hour drive to Santa Fe.  At the time, our daughter Alex was 6 months old, and the ...

Baby image of the day: road trip

I've been enjoying this photo for a while but haven't had the chance to feature it yet. Liam has this peaceful, patient (but not entirely pleased) look on his face that's perfect for this season of road trips, with baby. As we all return home from v...


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