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Deaths of Children Left in Hot Cars Hit Grim Record

Credit: AJ Mast, AP Images
Rear-facing child safety seats are a problem. With children out of sight, they are sometimes out of mind; parents forget there's a baby on board.
We wonder, how could they forget something like that? Bu...
Rear-facing safety seats blamed in part for parents forgetting kids.

New Car Seat Policy Keeps Kids in Booster Seats Much Longer

If you think it's time to graduate your child out of her car or booster seat, you may want to take a look at a new policy released today by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) which significantly modifies the last guidelines, issued in 200...
The AAP now calls for toddlers to stay in rear-facing car seats until age 2.

Car Seats: What You Need to Know to Keep Your Child Safe

Check your owner's manual before purchasing a car seat. Credit: Getty Images
When it comes to choosing car seats for your kids, start your research in the garage.
The first thing parents should do is consult their car's owner's manu...
Before you invest in a car seat, check out our expert tips!

Booster seats - Some brands not as safe as others

When I bought both of my daughter's car seats, I did so with the idea in mind that eventually, they would use them as boosters. Silly me. Both came with good safety ratings, sure, but earlier this month, both appeared on the "not recommended" list of...

Toddler takes SUV for a joyride

What kid doesn't like to play in the front seat of Mom and Dad's car? Whenever we're parked for any length of time, my kids beg to come up front and try out all of the buttons and knobs, so that when I finally turn the car back on, the radio is blast...

Safety girl and the taxi cab dilemma

With all the preparations being made to sell our house, I have had precious little time to plan for our upcoming trip to New York City. It was nearly midnight last night when I finally sat down and gave some thought to what we should pack for a week ...

Car seats have expiration dates?

Did you know that car seats have an expiration date? I sure didn't and this idea initially sounded to me like a money-making ploy by car seat manufacturers. But, after reading this article, it makes a little more sense. Certified car seat inspector ...

Dangerous minivan doors

The suburban neighborhood where I live is mini-van central. We are chock full of kids and therefore require large vehicles in which to carry our families. I personally do not drive a min-van, but I can see the appeal. All that space for kids and thos...


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