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Convertible Car Seat Makes Practical Investment

Is a convertible right for you? Credit: Getty Images The convertible car seat is a unique option within the car seat market -- a single seat your child uses from birth through school-age. What begins a rear-facing infant seat eventuall...Buying a convertible car seat makes financial sense.

New Car Seat Policy Keeps Kids in Booster Seats Much Longer

If you think it's time to graduate your child out of her car or booster seat, you may want to take a look at a new policy released today by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) which significantly modifies the last guidelines, issued in 200...
The AAP now calls for toddlers to stay in rear-facing car seats until age 2.

Car Seats: What You Need to Know to Keep Your Child Safe

Check your owner's manual before purchasing a car seat. Credit: Getty Images
When it comes to choosing car seats for your kids, start your research in the garage.
The first thing parents should do is consult their car's owner's manu...
Before you invest in a car seat, check out our expert tips!

Babies Facing Car Seat Injuries for Accidents Outside of the Car, Study Shows

Keep car seats in the car. Credit: Getty Images
You know the importance of buckling up your babies each time you load them up in the car, but car seats might not be safe everywhere. New research shows almost 9,000 infants are sent to the emerge...

Product Recall: Infant Car Seat/Carriers

Credit: CPSC
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Consumer Product Safety Commission and Dorel Juvenile Group have issued a recall of infant child restraints and carriers. Dorel, which manufactures products under the bra...

Infants Shouldn't Sleep in Car Seats, Study Says

Don't let your infant sleep in the car seat. Credit: andycarvin, Flickr
Parents who think an infant car seat is a good place for their baby to nap at home should think again -- a new study shows that the devices can lower oxygen levels in 20 perc...

Consumer Reports Issues Warning On Orbit Stroller-Car Seat; Orbit Fights Back

Consumer Reports has issued a "Don't Buy: Safety Risk" warning on the Orbit Infant System, a popular convertible car seat. Orbit disagrees. Tests were conducted on the Orbit Infant System and two similar products, the Graco Stylus and Eddie ...

Booster seats - Some brands not as safe as others

When I bought both of my daughter's car seats, I did so with the idea in mind that eventually, they would use them as boosters. Silly me. Both came with good safety ratings, sure, but earlier this month, both appeared on the "not recommended" list of...

To heck and back

Well, in an interesting turn of fate, just before I found out I had strep throat, my husband's paternal grandmother passed away. This past weekend we piled one of the dogs, the baby, all his stuff and all ours into the car and hit the road once ag...

Blogging mom inspires undercover investigation

Never underestimate the power of a woman with a blog. When Debbie of DeliciousBaby and her family were traveling, their car rental company only offered filthy and dilapidated car seats. When the manager tried to tell her the seats were cleaned afte...

Two-year-old rescued from SUV

A two-year-old girl was found alone, crying, and sweating profusely in a locked SUV in a parking lot where the outside temperature -- in the shade -- was 83 degrees, according to the police. One window was left open two inches for ventilation, but th...

New Car Seat echoes the dot com boom

Remember back when all you had to do to make a gazillion dollars was to add "dot com" to the end of something? Yeah, those were the days. If you had an internet start-up and wanted to be taken seriously, one of the things you absolutely had to have w...

Stricter car seat law coming to California

Having just posted about our adventures and education this past weekend when shopping for a booster seat for Sara, California legislators are about to turn it up a notch. Already, California has some of the strictest car seat laws in the country, req...

Video of the Day: Importance of the 5-Point Harness Carseat

Video online is increasing at an alarming rate. You probably heard that YouTube was sold for 1.65 billion USD to Google. (Unless you've been living under a Diaper Genie.) I think that video -- like photos, blogs and other social media -- is an import...

The best of the car seats

We were recently involved in a car accident. It was OK, no one was hurt...actually, no, that's not entirely true. My back throbs like I have sixteen rusty steel pitchforks poking into it, but I cannot tell for sure if that's due my 34 pound baby or t...


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