cardiac arrest 

Father Saves Baby Using CPR Learned From Watching TV

Watching television can be beneficial -- and can save a life. Credit: Getty Images
A New Jersey couple learned a horrifying lesson on the importance of parents knowing CPR.
Their 20-month-old baby stopped breathing. The father, A...
New Jersey man urges parents to learn CPR after his baby's brush with death.

A 10-Minute Cardiac Test Could Save Children's Lives

Researchers suggest parents add an electrocardiogram to their children's medical checkups as a precaution. Credit: Getty Images Heart conditions in children often fly under the radar, and parents too often learn their children had pr...
Potentially fatal heart conditions often go undetected.

Jenny McCarthy takes on panelists on Larry King Live

I grow to respect Jenny McCarthy more every day. It's hard to believe the woman I continually see in the media fighting for autism got her start on MTV's Singled Out (and Playboy). Call her crazy, call her whatever you want, but this woman is fight...

Should all schools have defibrillators?

Schools are charged with planning emergency procedures for all kinds of situations - fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, etc. But what about medical emergencies? Should every school in the country have a portable defibrillator in case a student suffers ca...

Daniel Smith's death certificate issued

Although no official cause of death has been determined for Anna Nicole Smith's son, Daneil, a death certificate has been issued to the family. The cause of death will remain blank until toxicology reports are completed. The certificate will allow Sm...


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