Americans Gather Joyfully to Mark Bin Laden Death

Damon Dahlen, AOL NEW YORK (AP) - Joyous at the release of a decade's frustration, Americans streamed to the site of the World Trade Center, the gates of the White House and smaller but no less jubilant gatherings across the nation to ...Joyous at the release of a decade's frustration, Americans streamed to the site of the World Trade Center, the gates of the White House and smaller but no less jubilant gatherings across the nation to celebrate the death of Osama bin Laden.

Celebrating New Year's Eve at Home, Family Style

Celebrate New Year's Eve in different time zones. Credit: viZZZual.com, Flickr As your family grows, wild New Year's Eve celebrations out on the town are likely to be passed up in favor of Dick Clark and quiet nights in. But staying ho...Have a festive New Year's Eve ... even if you're in bed by 9.

Reviews: What's New This Week

Here is a look at what's new this week in family entertainment as adapted from reviews and ratings by Common Sense Media. Click on the links to read the reviews in full. In Theaters Now: This Is It Michael Jackson was planning a 50-date concert t...

Advent, Twelfth Night - When Did Christmas Get So L-o-n-g?

On Sunday, my six-year-old and I went rummaging in the attic for our advent calendar -- not really a calendar, but a tabletop cabinet with 24 wee drawers in it, one for each day from December 1 to Christmas Eve. My son filled each drawer with four He...

DailyDish - Dress Up Without Dress Clothes

Sure, you want them to look their best on Thanksgiving. But is the battle really worth it?...

Not trick-or-treating? Try one of these alternatives

Though the tampered candy scare of the 70s and 80s is little more than urban legend, safety is one reason that parents may decide to opt out of trick-or-treating. Unsuitable neighborhoods, bad weather, and religious objections are other reasons to ke...

How Moms celebrate the first day of school

Last week, we asked if you had any special back-to-school traditions in your house, anything you did to make that first day special for your child. This week, though, we're curious about a different kind of back-to-school tradition: how do YOU celebr...

Red, white and blue foods!

Looking for an, er, interesting way to celebrate the 4th of July holiday this year? How about with food! Sure food will play a crucial role in your celebration--it generally does--but why not toss things up a bit this time around, and even make it f...

Birthday parties have changed since I was a kid!

In the past two weeks, my daughter has been to two different birthday parties. Both times, I realized that birthday parties have changed a lot since I was a young girl. It might be because my younger years were spent in a smallish (16,000 people) tow...

Celebrating your child's adoption/coming home day

My daughter Alex was adopted in an open adoption -- meaning, we had (and have) a relationship with her birthmother.  Because of this arrangement, Alex's birthmother invited us to be present at Alex's birth -- my husband, Marcus, even cut the umb...

Happy New Year from the whole family

Yesterday afternoon I was feeling especially grumpy. The whole family had come down with an especially snotty cold, and all the boys had a fever. I had a headache. As I walked into our dirty kitchen to get yet another glass of orange juice for Everet...

Blogging Baby Time Warp: Our Best Stories from A Year Ago

Well, it's the last Time Warp of the 2005, and man, what a difference a year makes.  This time last year, we were all witnessing one of the worst disasters in the history of the world -- the Asian tsunami.  Beth Hoyt brought to our attentio...

Celebrating New Year's Eve with your Kids

My husband and I have never been big New Year's Eve celebrators.  Don't get me wrong:  it's not that we don't love a good party -- we do --  it's the dodging-all-the-crazies-on-the-road part we're not particularly fond of.  Beside...


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