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Marlee Matlin on 'Celebrity Apprentice,' Raising 4 Kids and Being a Role Model for the Deaf

Marlee Matlin. Credit: WireImage Marlee Matlin has always refused to let her deafness stand in her way. The actress won an Oscar at the tender age of 21 for "Children of a Lesser God," and, since then, the 45-year-old has appeare...The Oscar-winning actress dishes on everything from The Donald to drugs.

Mark McGrath on Raising Twins, Filming 'Celebrity Apprentice' and Sugar Ray's New Single

Mark McGrath is still rocking -- but being a dad comes first. Credit: Ethan Miller of Getty Images
Mark McGrath could likely use a few bites of the product touted during the recent Rock On with Marathon Energy Bar Festival. In addition to head...
The Sugar Ray singer and TV host says being a dad is his most important gig.


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