Charlie Sheen still slinging the mud

Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards will not win any prizes for negotiating a civil divorce. It's been messy from the beginning, with Denise dumping Charlie while pregnant with their child. I don't know that it was ever determined just what brought abo...

Paul McCartney and Heather Mills getting back together?

Some say Paul McCartney is so frugal that he would reconcile with estranged wife Heather Mills in order to save the $70 million or so he'll lose should they divorce. While that sounds far-fetched, the idea that those two might actually get back toget...

Will Britney Spears flee the country to avoid custody battle?

Sometimes I am not sure if Britney Spears is really a bad mother or just playing one on television. I see only a tiny part of the big picture, so in the absence of something truly damning, I am can't judge whether or not she should lose custody of he...

Linday Lohan's parents reach divorce settlement

Maybe now Lindsay Lohan's parents will go away. Although they have been separated since 2005, until this week Michael had been refusing to grant Dina a divorce. But According to People, they have now reached a settlement in their divorce, thus avoidi...

Denise Richards wants another piece of Charlie Sheen

When Denise Richards filed for divorce from Charlie Sheen a few years ago, I felt kind of sorry for her. I don't know if it was ever determined exactly what Sheen did to her, but it must have been pretty bad considering Richards was six months pregna...

Britney and Kevin officially over

Surprising no one in the entire world, Britney (Spears Alexander Federline) and Kevin Federline's pimaplicious marriage came to an official end yesterday. What was unexpected was the custody agreement. In spite all Brit's latest crazy, (swimming in ...

Denise Richards will be single mom, divorcing Charlie Sheen

I hate to judge celebrities - or anyone - but the relationship between Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen seems to have been born under an unlucky star. See, she had to go and decide to become a mom. You know what that means, right? Parenting. Diaper ...


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