Cellphone Conversations Say a Lot About Parent-Child Relationships

Parents reported greater communication and closeness when teenagers initiate calls seeking social support. Credit: Getty Images How's your relationship with your child? Researchers say you can tell a lot from your cellphone conver...You think you're keeping in touch, but your kid may think you're meddling.

POP Phone

The POP Phone allows you to multitask -- and look cool while doing it. Credit: Native Union Sometimes talking on the phone just doesn't cut it. You need to multitask -- maybe send a text message, up your sc...Talk and text at the same time with this retro cool handset.

CellSafety Mobile Application

Texting while driving is a major cause of automobile accidents. Credit: Getty
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration tells us texting while driving is 40 percent more dangerous than drinking and driving. In fact, 15 peopl...
While we understand the dangers of distracted driving, we're not so sure our teenage drivers really get it.

Cyber Clean Electronics Cleaner

Clean those hard-to-reach areas while killing germs this flu season. Credit: The Container Store We must have missed the news a few years ago when it was announced that computer keyboards can be dirtier than public toilets. But now tha...Kill computer germs -- and fight the flu virus -- with this handy new product.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10

If you're shopping for an Android cell phone for the gadget guru on your holiday list, the new Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 is one of the best we've seen out there. Fully-loaded with a big and beautiful crystal clear touch display and a super-fa...If you're shopping for an Android cell phone for the gadget guru on your holiday list, the new Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 is one of the best we've seen out there.

After-Hours Texting and Media Use May Cause More Than Sleep Problems in Kids, Study Finds

If your kids wake up bleary-eyed every day and you're concerned they may have a sleep problem, you may want to take a look at exactly what they're doing after the lights go out. Children who sneak time on their cell phones, computers and other...OMG, parents, it's time to take away your teen's cell at night. Sleep is nothing to LOL about.

Parenting + On the Cell = How Bad?

How often do you see moms talking on the phone while pushing a stroller? Everywhere? "Is it bad?" asked a friend. "I mean, what if the baby's asleep?" Well? To find out, I called my Mommy Advisor Rosanne director of Calm and Sense Therapy,...

Canadian Children's Author Dishes on Work, Travel and Parenting Teens

Helaine Becker doesn't do mornings. But that doesn't stop her from being a prolific and award-winning author of children's books, as well as a busy mother of two teenage boys -- Michael, 17, and Andrew, 15. The Toronto writer and public speaker has p...

Is Your Child Sexting?

The latest topic of concern: Sexting. Credit: D Sharon Pruitt, Flickr
Maybe you got your child a cell phone because you wanted her to be armed in case of an emergency.
Or maybe you got it simply because you were tired of hearing her begging p...

Cyber Bullying and How to Stop it

Cyber bullying is abuse that takes place through the use of information and communication technologies. Cyber bullies use social networking sites, chat rooms, cell phones, text, email and more to threaten, abuse and bully their victims. A victim of c...

Oops - Texting Teen Falls Into Manhole

OMG! Teen falls into a manhole while texting. Photo: sxc.hu
The dangers of teen texting: High cell phone bills, provocative pictures, car accidents and now ... falling into open manholes? It was bound to happen. Proving that walking and tex...

Kids Struggle to Unplug At Summer Camp

Could your teen unplug for a week? Image: sxc.hu
Sending the kids off to summer camp is a time-honored tradition for many families. For parents, sleep-away camp is a rare break from parental duties and a chance to let the kids take some baby step...

Woman In Labor Calls Radio Station To Find Husband

Everybody who has ever had a child has a story about the day the kid was born. Some are better than others, of course. But this story might be the best I've heard yet. A very pregnant Kerry Colber of Portland, OR, started having contractions on Mo...

Inauguration Cupcakes, Marley and Me, and Mom Car Syndrome - Links We Love

Are you celebrating the ushering in of a new administration with an inauguration party? Nothing says "Yes We Can" like Obama cupcakes. -- AlphaMom They say we're the helicopter parent generation, always hovering, never willing to let go. Maybe we ...

Is Your Teen Sex-ting?

Here's a lesson you need to make sure your teen knows: those explicit photos of themselves they're sending via cell phone can STILL wind up on the internet. Or on someone else's cell phone.
Boy Crushes These lads are more than ju...


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