KidPop News: Sanitized Twain, Hazardous Nintendo and Bawdy Kids' Shows

Amazon Huck Finn Gets Politically Correct In a move that has already begun to stir up rafts of controversy, publisher NewSouth Books announced that, in February, it will release a new edition of Mark Twain's classic "The Adventures ...Get the latest news from the world of children's entertainment.

Parent (Bleep)ing Mad Over Homework With Bad Words

Connecticut parents are outraged when offensive words appear on their kids' homework. Credit: Getty Images You might say a parent in Greenwich, Conn., is (bleep)ing mad and thinks local school officials ought to g...Homework on controversial literature proves, uh, controversial.

Boy Gives Up Sexy Backpack After Principal Gets Excited ... That Is, 'Upset'

Is this backpack too crass for class? Credit: District School Board of Pasco County
A variety of colorful and popular characters appear on children's backpacks. You have your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. You have Dora the Explorer. You have .....
Whoever that is on his backpack, it's not Dora the Explorer.

Mom Turns Library Scofflaw to Prevent Kids from Reading 'Gossip Girl' Series

Tina Harden, a Florida mom, says the books on which the Gossip Girl and It Girl series are based are inappropriate for teens. Credit: Jacob Langston, Orlando Sentinel / MCT
Tina Harden's teenage daughter checked out four books from Seminole C...

Student Journalists Yell 'Stop The Press' on Principle (and at Principal)

Schools have the legal right to censor content. Courtesy of The Viewer
Stop the presses. Literally. Students at Mounds View High School in Minnesota are refusing to put out a school paper if Principal Julie Wikelius insists on approving each i...

South Dakota Middle Schools Pull Graphic Novel

Credit: Amazon
A school board in South Dakota voted to pull a graphic novel targeted at middle-schoolers from its library shelves, giving teachers access to the book but not students.
Students at two Sioux Falls, S.D. middle schools will no ...

Crossing Guard's Funny Hats Land Him in Hot Water

Crossing guard Larry Douthwaite has been keeping kids in Littlestown, PA, safe for 15 years. And for most of that time, he's been wearing one of his collection of crazy hats to work each day. The hats -- a flowerpot, an ear of corn and the like -- we...

Uncle Bobby under fire again

Colorado librarian James LaRue has gotten another challenge to Uncle Bobby's Wedding, the book about a little girl guinea pig's concerns that her uncle won't play with her after he gets married. The idea is simple enough -- Young Chloe loves her uncl...

Move over, Tango, Uncle Bobby's here

For two years straight, And Tango Makes Three was the top most challenged library book, according to the American Library Association. This year, however, another book might just take that dubious honor away. Uncle Bobby's Wedding is a story of a you...

Censorship in toys

About a month ago my husband was playing around with one of our son's toys and realized it was censored. The toy in question is a Leap Frog brand caterpillar called an Alphabet Pal with letters on each of its twenty-six legs. Among the things you c...

Mike Mulligan smokes and other bad habits kids learn from books

"Mommy, Mike Mulligan smokes a pipe," my three year old son told me the other day while we were digging in the garden. I knew right away what he was talking about: we'd been out for pizza the night before, and on the way to the car he was gleefully ...

Last tango in Bristol

It's happening again, this time in England -- two elementary schools have removed And Tango Makes Three and King & King after parents complained about the books. King & King tells the story of a prince who falls in love with another prince. A...

Are the MPAA's screwed up?

Been to the movies lately? My guess is that, if you did, the film was either animated and/or part of the Disney franchise, one that was full of violence and/or gore, or one that was full of sex. That's basically because most movies out there, at le...

Teenager censors school library

I think it's great when kids check books out of the library. It gives them a chance to explore new genres of literature to which they might not otherwise be exposed. Apparently, that's exactly what happened to fifteen-year-old Lysa Harding of Brookwo...

School officials black out gay student's yearbook photo

I remember each year when the school yearbook would come out, the first thing we did was flip furiously through the pages of our books looking for candid shots of ourselves. Everyone gets the required, posed photo in the book, but having your photo s...


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