Children's entertainer: Unwholesome need not apply?

We here at Parent Dish see a lot of the news going on in the world of parenting. Recently, an email sent caught my eye. Long story short, there's a new TV show on Disney called "My Friends Tigger and Pooh." The lady who sings the theme song has a web...

Those Friday folders, again

Remember last year when Jerry Falwell's Liberty Council fought for -- and won -- the right to send religious information home in the "Friday folders", and then got their knickers in a twist because other, non-Falwellian religions took advantage of it...

Is the bible suitable for kids?

If you're under 18, in a lot of places, there are books and magazines you can't just walk into a store and purchase. Playboy, Penthouse, and Hustler magazines all spring to mind. If some folks in Hong Kong have their way, the bible just might be join...

School says no to MySpace -- even at home

Many schools have an internet policy that prohibits non-school activities such as updating one's MySpace account from school computers. St. Hugo of the Hills, a catholic school near Detroit, Michigan, however, has taken it one step further. According...

Breastfeeding too sexy for MySpace

It seems that MySpace.com can't handle breastfeeding. At least a half-dozen women have reported that the social networking site has deleted pictures of them breastfeeding their babies from their profiles -- because they're too sexual. We've been thro...

Harry Potter to stay in school

Down in Georgia, young Harry Potter gets to stay in school, according to the Georgia Board of Education. Earlier this year, Laura Mallory, a parent of three elementary school kids in the Gwinnett County Public Schools, asked to have the books removed...

Parents try to ban Maya Angelou's book from school curriculum

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, the autobiography of best-selling author, actor, playwright, historian, educator, civil rights activist and former U.S. poet laureate Maya Angelou, is under attack from parents in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. The book co...

Celebrating Banned Books Week in Texas

Oh, the irony! Alton Verm of Conroe, Texas wants his daughter's high school to ban a book. "It's just all kinds of filth," he said. He did admit that he had not actually read the book. The book in question? Ray Bradbury's 1953 Science Fiction classic...


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