Hanukkah Foods: Safe or Scary?

Jelly doughnuts are just one guilty pleasure during the holidays. Credit: AnnAbulf (no), Flickr
During Hanukkah, Jewish people around the world retell and celebrate the story that one day's supply of oil miraculously lasted for eight days when ...

Inspired Hanukkah Menorahs

Lighting the Hanukkah candles is one of the oldest Jewish traditions. But, the menorah you use doesn't have to be conventional. From sea creatures to patriotic landmarks, we've found fascinating menorahs that will give this holiday tradition a fu...

Parents Complain About Longer Vacation

Because Christmas fell on a Thursday this year and because Christmas Eve has always been a day off, the superintendent and the school board in Howard County, Maryland decided to add two days to the beginning of winter vacation and give students the e...

Happy Year-End-Holiday-Of-Your-Choice!

We don't actually do Christmas in our family. I spend much of the days leading up to December 25th reminding Jared that it's a Holiday Tree, not a Christmas Tree. We do exchange presents, but they're wrapped in paper festooned with snowmen, penguins...

Great Hanukkah books for kids

The Association of Jewish Libraries' Sydney Taylor Book Award Committee has put together a list of great Hanukkah books for kids [pdf]. There are twenty-seven titles listed, including seven by the prolific Eric A. Kimmel. "We hope that this list will...

Blogging Baby Sleepover for Sunday, December 17

Last Friday was the start of Chanukah so I thought I look around and see how other families celebrate the festival of lights. Of course, our own Julie Tilsner took on the topic recently, in case you missed it. Elsewhere, Catherine of Out in Left Fiel...

Balancing Chanukah and Christmas

My roommate in business school was Catholic, and her husband was Jewish. They chose to raise their children to know both faiths, and let them decide (when they're old enough) which one to "keep." As such, they celebrate both Chanukah and Ch...

Hanukkah takes on consumer flavor

Hanukkah, the eight night Jewish festival of lights, commemorates the Jew's victory over the Syrians in a battle for religious freedom. After the battle, the Jews returned to their desecrated temple in Jerusalem they found a single vial of oil had bu...


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