Can I Name a Baby Charlotte in Charlotte?

I'm a first-time mom pregnant with a daughter. Our absolute favorite name is Charlotte. It's just so beautiful! Here's the catch. We live in North Carolina. Charlotte is the largest and most well-known city in our state. Is it out for us? - NC M...

Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber Name Their Son

Well, folks, we finally have a name. In a world where we have celebrity children named things like Pilot Inspektor and the recent Bronx Mowgli, we all waited with bated breath to see what king Kong actress Naomi Watts would name the newest additio...

Charlotte from SITC pregnant

Many of you may remember a little show called Sex in the City. Those of us who watched may remember Kristin Davis' character, Charlotte, was unable to conceive. She jumped through numerous hoops and even tried IVF, which didn't work. Eventually, he...


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