Are You Letting Your Kids Off the Hook for Healthy Eating This Holiday Season?

Candy canes are delicious ... and full of sugar. Credit: Patrick Norman, Corbis Holiday time is food time! It seems like starting with Thanksgiving and going through New Year's Day, there is a never-ending bounty of delicious and fat...

Would You Get a Vaginal Steam Bath to Help You Get Pregnant?

What would you do to get pregnant? Credit: Getty Images Some women go to great lengths to get pregnant and try all sorts of fertility treatments. The vaginal steam bath is not a fertility treatment per se, but some think it could hel...

Are You Still Doing Your Christmas Shopping?

Shoppers in a crowded store scramble for last-minute gifts. Credit: Don Emmert, AFP/Getty Images Only five more days until Christmas? Eh, plenty of time for shopping. With Christmas hurtling toward us faster than a Red Bull-soaked...

Should Breast-feeding Moms Get a Room of Their Own?

Does your office have a designated breast-feeding room? Credit: Getty Images An AP report says that Congressional moms have a room of their own where they can go to breast-feed. It's called -- their term, not ours -- the "boob cube." ...Does your workplace have a "lactation suite?"


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