Find Funky Baby Clothes on a Budget

American Eagle's 77Kids line is awesome. Credit:
You're a cool daddy or hip mama and you want your baby to sport your same funky fashion sense. But there's one problem: Funky baby clothes often don't come cheap. Fortunately, there are...

Cheap gifts for Father's day (the inexpensive kind, not the dinky kind)

Let's face it--the economy stinks. Or, maybe, we never had any money anyway. Still, we love dad and want to get him something special--or at least useful and not (too) gimmicky--for Father's Day. We don't have the money for the new watch he dese...

Does your Ikea stuff break?

I feel like I might get lynched for this post, because Ikea has a rabid following. The radio commercials with the unintentionally hilarious Swedish guy, the risque European commercials shown on YouTube: they have a devoted following second only to th...

Get married for 99 cents

If you have kids, chances are you're either married, have been married, or are at least thinking about tying the knot. However, in spite of the legal benefits, there are plenty of reasons not to get hitched -- one of which is the money. But that conc...


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