Happy 70th Birthday, Cheerios!

The iconic cereal from General Mills is 70 years old this year. Credit: David Duprey, AP
BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) - Here's a little quiz for the breakfast table:
What is the most popular cereal brand in American grocery stores? Hint: I...
One out of every eight boxes of cereal to leave the shelf in America carries the Cheerios name.

DailyDish - Use Thanksgiving Variety to get Kids to Try New Foods

Use the wide variety of foods available at Thanksgiving--especially fruits and vegetables--to get kids to try something new....

Some cereals are more than HALF sugar!

I doubt any parent thinks of a product called "Sugar Smacks" as nutritious. We reserve that kind of labeling for cereals that have no taste or taste like compacted sawdust. Still, would it surprise you to find out that many cereals, especially tho...

Top food "mistakes" parents make

Getting your child to eat healthfully can be harder than a 48-hour labor. Much of the time, where picky eaters come from is unknown, although it seems able to start at an early age and set in for the duration of childhood if we're not careful. For m...

Vegetable deception ok to get kids to eat healthy?

Is hiding vegetables in your kids' food wrong? What if that's the only way to get your child to eat something green (that isn't a booger)? One cookbook author strongly disagrees with the notion that it's ok to sneak healthy foods into unhealthy ones,...


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