Go, Fight, Win! Beating Doesn't Break Boy Cheerleader's Spirit

Back off bullies, is the message an 11-year-old boy cheerleader is sending bad guys on playgrounds nationwide. Despite a fight that left his arm broken and lots of name-calling, Tyler Wilson says no bully is going to stop him from being a c...Back off bullies is the message an 11-year-old boy cheerleader is sending bad guys on playgrounds nationwide.

Mom steals daughter's identity to join cheerleading squad

If you could go back to high school and do it all over again, would you? A Wisconsin woman recently tried, but the move is more likely to have her put in jail than up for Homecoming queen. Wendy Brown of Green Bay stole her 15-year-old daughter's ide...

Cheerleaders can't wear short skirts anymore

It's tradition in many high schools for athletes and cheerleaders to wear their jerseys or uniforms on the Friday before a game. But a Monroe, Ohio high school is taking issue with the cheerleaders' short skirts. Since the school dress code says skir...

Cheerleading -- not for the faint of heart

What's the most dangerous sport for high school girls? It's not what you might guess. It's not soccer, softball, or even kickboxing -- it's cheerleading. It turns out, according to a new report, that cheerleading accounts for nearly two thirds of all...

Cheerleaders suspended for unchaste cheer

It has been called "the most quintessential of American sports." Former participants include Madonna, Meryl Streep, and even George W. Bush. Schoolgirls dream of being one and schoolboys dream of dating one. Cheerleading is as much a part of American...

Cheerleader run over by charging football team (Video!)

You always knew being a cheerleader was tough -- a real contact sport. This young lady's injuries go far beyond the usual twists and sprains, however. The prom queen was trying to fix a little dangling piece of paper on one of those big paper banne...

Was texting the cause of fatal crash?

Back in the middle of June, I reported on a study that found that two-thirds of kids aged 18 to 24 thought it okay to send text messages while they were driving. I didn't think it a good idea then and my feelings haven't changed after reading this ar...

Which stars started out as cheerleaders?

I was never a big fan of cheerleaders in high school. At least where I grew up, they met all the Hollywood stereotypes -- dumb, self-absorbed, rude, etc. Subsequently, I have my fingers crossed that my daughter won't be interested in drill team, or f...

Give me an O-U-C-H: Cheerleading injuries on the rise

I've always know cheerleading has its risks, like getting caught stealing another squad's moves and threats to "bring it" at competitions. Okay fine, the Kristen Dunst movie is about the level of my expertise. But still, this cheerleading b...


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