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Power Foods to Fuel Your Child Athlete

Each week, personal trainer Reggie Reyes shares with us a child-related health and/or fitness concern that he's been approached with, and how he's helped clients to solve the problem. Problem The mother of a 15-year-old hockey player approached m...

So Your Kid Wants to Be the Next Sidney Crosby?

As Team Canada recently won the gold medal in both men's and women's ice hockey at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, many young boys and girls are starting to dream of scoring the overtime winner like Sidney Crosby or captaining the team to gold...

A Childhood Without Sports: How Bad?

"Sports are not for every child," says a mom next to me on the playground bench, as her son watches a ball whiz past him and roll to a stop in the sandbox. "What if a child is simply disinclined to be competitive? And why..." she leaned in closer...


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