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Premature Babies Eventually Catch Up With Vocabulary

Credit: Getty Images
A premature baby's exposure to pain, oxygen and the environment can harm his or her immature brain.
But not to worry. Researchers say preemies are generally able to catch up in their ability to identify the name...
Study shows preemies catch up in some developmental areas.

British Study Finds Marriage Has 'Little If Any Benefit' to Kids

Credit: AFP/Getty Images
Find yourself single and pregnant and think you must rush to the altar for the sake of the child? You might want to slow down. Living together may be just fine.
New research from the Institute of Fiscal Stud...
Kids born out of wedlock to co-habiting couples don't seem to fare differently from those whose parents were wed.

There's a Lot More Going on in Babies' Minds Than You Think

A little genius! Credit: Getty Images
Babies are smarter than you think.
Oh, they look like they just sit around all day sucking their thumbs and filling their diapers, but like little evil geniuses, they are taking careful mental n...
Babies are studying probabilities long before math class.

A Case for the Distractible Toddler: Psychologists Suggest Parents Should Wait to Teach Toddlers Self-Control

Researchers are posing new questions about toddler brain development. Credit: debaird, Flickr
Toddlers can be maddeningly distractible, but should we really be trying to teach them self-control? University of Pennsylvani...

The Dirt on Kids Playing With Their Poop

Poop happens. Credit: Getty Images
When it comes to kids playing with poop, we've got two words for you: It happens. And it's also pretty normal, says Michelle LaRowe, author of "Nanny to the Rescue! Straight Talk and Super Tips for Parenting ...
When it comes to kids playing with poop, we've got two words for you: It happens.

Baby Gestures Linked to Vocabulary, Income

As if you need another reason to keep your income high and home filled with stuff, here's a study that says the more money you have, the better vocabulary your child will have, too. The reasoning is fairly simple: Scientists at the University of...

Background TV is distracting at playtime

A new small study has found that television, even when only on as background noise, has a "small but real" affect on the way young children play. Researchers found that when playing in a room with a TV on -- they used Jeopardy, a program they thought...

Finding answers and asking questions

As parents and teachers it is easy in this day and age to feel entirely compelled to answer every 'good' question a child asks. We are all the products of the information age swelling up around us. I can hardly remember turning to the row of leather ...

Preschoolers do better when they talk to themselves

You know that annoying, yet adorable phase when kids talk to themselves and verbalize EVERY SINGLE flickering thought that crosses their little minds? Well, it turns out this non-stop self chitty chat does more than just slowly drive a parent bonkers...

Moms and tots: In conflict up to 20 times an hour

If someone asked me how many times a day my toddler and I butt heads, I'd answer "A million." But in all honesty, when I read about a recent study that looked into that exact issue, I was surprised. Researchers found that moms and toddlers argue up t...

Kate Beckinsale on nature vs. nurture

"I've come to the realization," one of my friends recently told me about her children, "that what I do matters very little in who they become." In the nature vs. nurture debate, she believes that nearly all personality traits are present at birth, an...

Moms and dads spend more quality time with firstborn

When my firstborn headed off to preschool this year, I looked forward to some one-on-one time with my two-year-old. Though we spend lots of quality time together as a family, before preschool, time alone with my baby was a rare occurrence. Those firs...

2-year-old genius is youngest girl to join Mensa

Occasionally I fall into the trap of thinking that some toddlers are "smarter" than others -- when really, most kids simply learn at different rates, and their ability to recite the alphabet at 18 months has little to do with how intelligent they'll ...

Japanese scientists create robotic toddler

In order to learn more about child development, scientists at Osaka University in Japan have created a robot that moves and acts like a toddler. It talks with an artificial vocal cord, can change facial expressions and crawl around the floor. Like a ...

My middle child isn't growing as fast as his brothers

My ex-husband called me on Christmas night. He had some information and a request. He said that he measures the children's height once a year, and that in the past year, our ten-year-old son has only grown one inch, whereas our youngest son has grown...


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