child discipline 

Mom's Spanking Fuels Toddler's Aggression

Dear AdviceMama, I take care of twin 18-month-olds, a boy and girl. The mom has started "disciplining" them with spanks and timeouts. As a result, the girl frowns and hits -- I feel she is acting out what she sees, and trying to process it...
True discipline isn't about punishment; it's about teaching children right from wrong with patience and understanding.

Timeout a Classic Form of Discipline That Actually Works, Study Confirms

Child acting up? Timeout may be the best course of discipline. Credit: Getty The next question, class, is multiple choice. Would you rather discipline your misbehaving child by: A. Spanking him? B. Forcing him to drink hot s...No one expects (or needs) the Spanish Inquisition. Timeouts work just fine.


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